Are you one of those big corporate chain facilities?

Rolling Hills is family owned and operated, so we give each resident individual attention. However, there’s nothing “Mom and Pop” about the quality of care. In fact, we belong to a network of several New Jersey facilities who share innovative ideas to maintain and improve our standards of excellence.

What types of conditions do you treat?

Rolling Hills provides care for a complete spectrum of rehabilitative needs. These are some of the more common reasons people come to Rolling Hills:

Hip or knee replacement Complex wound care Orthopedic care
Post-stroke care Motor vehicle trauma Diabetes management
Post-surgery recovery Cardiac care Pain management

Contact our Director of Admissions or ask your doctor to determine if you could benefit from our rehabilitative care.

Do you accept my insurance?

We participate in a large number of health insurance plans, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Our Director of Admissions, an expert in Medicare/Medicaid and insurance guidelines, will guide you through the process, and will assist you in determining eligibility as well as maximizing your benefits.

Can I use my own physician while at Rolling Hills?

Many area doctors are already attending physicians at Rolling Hills. If your doctor is not, he can apply to become credentialed as an attending physician.

Is there a choice of menus at each meal?

We know that different people have different food preferences, and always offer more than one choice at each meal. Additionally, each resident’s dietary needs and concerns are assessed by our dietitian upon admission and accommodated accordingly.

Can I be admitted immediately, or do you need advance notice?

Although admissions are subject to bed availability, we make every effort to expedite all requests. While we do appreciate advance notification, we realize that in many situations it is not possible. Ultimately it is the well being of the patient that is paramount.

Are there always nurses on duty?

Not only nurses, but there is also a doctor that lives on premises.

What are visiting hours?

Visiting hours are 8 AM to 8 PM, including Saturday and Sunday. However, we do our best to accommodate special requests for off-hour visits.

How can I contact a resident?

If you know the resident’s room number, dial 908.236.2011 and an operator will assist you. Or, simply complete our convenient “email a resident” form on our home page to send a quick message at any time!

How can I reach a staff member by phone?

Dial our main phone line at 908.236.2011, and an operator will direct your call. There is also a recorded prompt after hours.

May I join my relative at mealtime?

We encourage family and friends to enjoy lunch or dinner with our residents. There is a nominal fee, which can be paid to our receptionist. We appreciate advance notice, but will do our best to accommodate short notice requests as well.

May I take my relative off the premises for an outing?

Surely. However, since this requires a physician’s order, and possibly family training and ordering additional medication, we do need 72 hours advance notice. Also, since some insurance plans do not allow overnight stays away from the facility, please check with a case manager if you’re planning any extended leave. Before taking your relative off-premises, please contact the resident’s nurse to sign out. As an added security measure, there is an additional sign out sheet at the reception desk.



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